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General Purpose

The general purpose entry point for wiki help, including system administration, is where help on browsing and editing also can be found.

How to Edit

To edit a page you click on the [edit] link to the right of the headline of the section you want to edit, and you will get a text box in which you enter the text in wiki syntax.

Editing Help links to the central media-wiki where you find useful examples of wiki-syntax editing.

How to Upload a File

First please add a media link to your document in a wiki page:

  1. open the edit function of the related page
  2. type the wiki code for a media link at the desired position in the text by using the proper file name. For example: [[Media:UPLOAD_DESCIPTION_Feb07.pdf|UPLOAD_DESCIPTION_Feb07.pdf]]
  3. please save the page (the link is highlighted in red color while you upload the target - your document)

than upload the file:

  1. please click the link [Upload File] in the left menu box actions
  2. search and select the file on your PC by using the button [Durchsuchen...] or [Search...]
    make sure that you use the identical filename as in your link!
  3. click the button [Upload File] (it could happen that you need to confirm the upload if wiki reclaims the file size or a lack of security)

If you do not link your uploaded file, the document is saved in the database of the media wiki and can only be found in the chronological list of the [Uploaded Documents] or by searching the page of the [Recent changes].

The following file formats will be accepted for updloading:.doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, .zip
The following images formats will be accepted for uploading:.gif, .jpg, .png

Please find here this description to download: UPLOAD_DESCIPTION_February07.pdf.

Help in other Languages

Help pages in other languages are in most cases quite incomplete, simply referring to the English pages for most parts, but the following are quite complete and useful (and partly structured differently, possibly at your preference):

Expressed in German, there are the following direct links for
Einge Hilfen die bei der Bearbeitung von eigenen Artikeln nützlich sind, finden Sie hier:

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