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Contributions and Speakers

  • "On the Benefits of Making Robotic Software Frameworks Thin", Alexei Makarenko, Alex Brooks, and Tobias Kaupp - INVITED SPEAKER (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "Is a Common Middleware for Robotics Possible?", William D. Smart - INVITED SPEAKER (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "Measures and Procedures: Lessons Learned from the CLARAty Development at NASA/JPL", Hari D. Nayar and Issa A.D. Nesnas - INVITED SPEAKER (PAPER | SLIDES1intro | SLIDES2prog | SLIDES3syst | SLIDES4comp Slides split since this server only accepts small files)
  • "Towards the Evaluation of Software Concepts for Complex Mechatronic Systems", Berthold Baeuml (PAPER)
  • "Basic Robotics Standards(BRoS) - Motivations and examples", Klas Nilsson, Tomas Olsson and Herman Bruyninckx (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "Design and Evaluation of Communication Middleware in a Distributed Humanoid Robot System", Victor Ng-Thow-Hing, Thor List, Kristinn R. Thorisson et al. (PAPER)
  • "Designing Stable Robot Architectures: the AnyMorphology Design Pattern", Davide Brugali - INVITED SPEAKER (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "RoboFrame - A Modular Software Framework for Lightweight Autonomous Robots", Sebastian Petters, Dirk Thomas and Oskar von Stryk (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "ASEBA, an event-based middleware for distributed robot control", Stephane Magnenat, Valentin Longchamp, and Francesco Mondada (PAPER | SLIDES)
  • "Comparative evaluation of robotic software integration systems: A case study", Azamat Shakhimardanov, Erwin Prassler (PAPER)
  • "MiRPA: Middleware for Robotic and Process Control Applications", Bernd Finkemeyer, Torsten Kroeger, Daniel Kubus, Markus Olschewski et al. (PAPER | SLIDES1 | SLIDES2)

As shown in the agenda there was also a presentation by Abheek Bose: Report on OMG activities in robotics SLIDES

Some slides are missing; please provide if you have them.

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